[SOLVED] Installed second Ethernet gateway, no sensor data

  • Hi everybody,

    i have an issue of which i can find not enough info on to solve it 😕

    Made a second Ethernet gateway for my garage in which sensors cannot reach the original gateway (too much isolation). Installed a Powerline adaptor to create a network in the garage which works perfectly. The gateway is assigned to Domoticz and is showing alive (no errors in the log or what so ever).

    I first disconnected the first gateway, added the second gateway to Domoticz and added a temp/hum Mysensors sensor. Everything went fine, data was coming through and no errors.

    Then disconnected the second gateway and hooked it up in the garage (wired with utp to the Powerline adaptor) and waited for an 'alive' signal in Domoticz. The signal got through and the logs show it is connected to the gateway --> MySensors: connected to:

    Then connected the first gateway again (data was getting in from all the sensors connected to the first gateway).
    When I power up the temp/hum sensor connected to the second gateway, the Arduino monitor shows connection with the gateway (no FPAR errors) and data is being sent out, but no data is coming in via the second gateway in Domoticz. Still no errors in the log.

    I found some stories about the channel of both gateways which should be the same/different, but without any luck of people getting it to work.

    I'm running latest version of Mysensor (2.3.1) and when testing the sensor without the first gateway connected, it works fine. Both gateways are in server mode and both assigned to a unique ip (which I both can succesfully ping via cmd).
    All sensors connected on the first gateway are working flawlessly.

    Anyone any idea?

    PS: sorry for the long and possibly confusing story 🙄

  • MySensors: connected to:

    Are you using this for both gateways? AFAICT they would best be set up on different ports? Have you tried port 5004 for the second gateway?

    I'm running latest version of Mysensor (2.3.1)

    The latest version is 2.3.2.

    It's not a problem with how big a post is, the more info the more chance someone will spot something. I can't say I fully understand all you have done, but this is the best I can do to try and help. 😉

  • Hi @skywatch,

    Gateway 1 has
    Gateway 2 has

    I guess both need to have a different ip and the port should not matter.

  • @koewacko I have never used Domoticz so I can't really say. I was just trying to help you along by thinking of what might be worth looking into. That said, if the gateways are on different IP's then they can use the same port. This might be the problem if Domotiicz is internally looking for a particular port.

  • Found the problem!

    Ahum........the usb adapter for the gateway didn't have enough power to setup the NRF24 radio network 😕
    When trying a better/heavier adapter for the gateway, everything worked fine!

    Did change the radio channel to 124, so the garage sensors cannot connect to the house gateway.

    Thanks for the help!

  • @koewacko Good to hear all is working well - thanks for sharing the solution to your problem!

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