RS-485 to an wireless Gateway

  • Hi. like i have explained in other topics , my setup is an usb serial gateway(rfm69) connected to an raspberry pi and Domoticz as controller software .
    I have an electric slider gate(for cars) 50 meters away from house,and want domoticz open and close ,as well as an alarm beep and log when some familiar enters.
    i have some RS-485 modules that i bought before, ther is any way to use RS-485 serial instead on use an rfm69 at 50meters away ,once i have cables outside buried already ideal for serial communication?
    i read , that i need 2 gateways ,one for RS-485 other for wireless(rfm69) but make another gateway just for one sensor its overkill.
    Any other away?

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    I'm probably misunderstanding, but it sounds like you are asking if it is possible to put one Arduino at the "gate end" of the rs485 and another Arduino at the "house end" of the rs485? But you don't want the "house" Arduino to be a gateway?

  • the fact is ,i don't know what i want!😖
    Once the gate is far from my house(+50m) ,i thought that is good idea use the RS-485 modules for wired connection instead of use the wireless rfm69 that i have implemented in my Domotics/pi already.
    but i don't know if that it's possible? basically i want connect an wired sensor connected to my existing wireless mysensors network.

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    @Tmaster with enough coding and soldering, almost anything can be done. It will be a lot more work than using the standard MySensors functionality though.

  • So like mysensors is designed right now, it's not possible mix wired and wifi sensors on same gateway...
    if was you ,what you do in that situation?
    i just don't know what way to do it. Create a new gateway means a new raspberry and a new domoticz instance (in diferent port), or can i create something like this guy did and connect it to the already existing raspberry that it's connected to a wireless gateway(arduino+rfm69) ? i'm a bit confused about this.

    ps: forguet about new code or change mysensors core code(except sensor sketches that i can change) .i'm not programmer,i'm electronic engineer 😛

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    Yes, each MySensors network uses a single transport. Transport can be rfm69, nrf24, rs485, etc. Each MySensors network has exactly one gateway. See the Getting started guide for information on how MySensors is designed from a conceptual viewpoint.

    Most controllers, including Domoticz, supports multiple gateways. I have 2 gateways on my Domoticz.

    It is possible to run multiple instances of the Raspberry Pi gateway on the same Raspberry Pi. It is a bit tricky though so I have not spent time on that, but there are posts here in the forum that describe how people have done it.

    Or you can create a wifi gateway based on an esp8266, or a serial or ethernet gateway based on an Arduino Nano or Pro Mini.

    What is best for you depends on a lot of factors. What devices (esp8266, Nano, Pro Mini, ...) do you have experience with? What devices do you have at home or are willing to buy? Do you prefer to do something where you can find a simple build guide, or do you want to use something that someone has described in the forum or do you want to experiment on a new type of solution? What is the radio environment like between your house and the gate? (Maybe you can use rfm69 all the way - range can be up to 500m in good conditions) If range is insufficient, can you move your current gateway to get better range?

  • @mfalkvidd said in RS-485 to an wireless Gateway:

    Most controllers, including Domoticz, supports multiple gateways. I have 2 gateways on my Domoticz.

    That's what i wasn't sure.
    Right now i already have a zwave gw(module) hoked to raspberry pins,that controls all windows shutters and an Usb GW (mysensors serial gw) that controls 4 temperature sensors, irrigation valcs from my garden ,solar water panel relay , outdoor lights etc...all on rfm69W and C "transport" 868mhz, but i will consider if i build a second arduino usb GW or i keep the wireless to the gate.
    So if i see the zwave module like an GW i already have 2 as well 😕
    The true it's that the gate is already "mysensor-rized" with wireless but i keep preferring wired connection for outdoor and once i'm burying the cables for power and doorbell ,maybe i add an Cat6 cable for RS-485 connection.

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