Get last update notification of Relay node within Domoticz

  • Re: Relay Actuator - send periodic status as heart beat.

    I am creating a new post as the above thread is quite old and I think this is specific to Domoticz.
    Thanks to @sundberg84 and also @Denis-Renaud for the code which I have used in my relay node.

    Domoticz now shows "last seen" every 30 seconds.
    However, what I want to be able to do is get Domoticz to send me a notification when "last update" is greater than a certain value.
    However "last update" is not available from the notifications tab - presumably because it is seen as a switch and that option is not available for switches.

    Any suggestions how to make this work? Could I send a status as some other sensor type/child ID that allows the last update message?

    I use the MQTT plugin in Domoticz to send messages into Node Red - I only get a MQTT message when the switch is physically changed, not on the heartbeat interval.

  • I have found a workaround by sending the heartbeat message as a separate V_MULTIMETER child. This then gives me a voltage reading of 0V every 30 seconds that I can use with the Domoticz last update feature 😀

    Would like to hear any better ways of doing this.

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