room/air quality sensor

  • MySensors friends,

    I made a new post in response to this post air quality node , responding to a post from 2018 did not seem advisable to me.

    Due to other things, the MySensors project has stopped here for a while, but I have started again, and among other things I want to make a room sensor (humidity temperature air quality), which will integrate into the wall.
    Of course, that installation is not the problem, the big question is of course which sensor should I use?
    Or possibly which combination of sensors?

    I have now done a test with the BME680, but I also ran into calculating the IAQ, so the sensor seems to be a good choice if you look at the specs, but not if you want to integrate it yourself.
    or are templates already available for this?

    Another option is the CCS811, possibly together with a Temp / Hum sensor (Si7021 / BME280?).

    but maybe there are other and better options possible?

    I don't have to have a laboratory precision, it's just about being able to see what the air quality is (good / average / bad / dangerous)

    Preferably everything together with a pro mini and RS485.

    Thanks for contributing ideas.


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