Controlling speed of an AC 230v FAN. Help Needed[RESOLVED]

  • Has anyone tried to control the speed of a fan.

    I have relay connected to a fan. Relay is triggered using RelayActuator example. How can I now control the speed of the fan which is switched on when relay is triggered.

    I tried adding a new sensor type V_FAN and I am sending MyMqtt/node_id/sensor_id/V_FAN but I am not able to receive the message type in the message at the node.
    Note : I have manually assigned the sensor Id as relay 2 is assigned sensor id 2 by the relayActuator example code.

    EDIT: It was my mistake, didn't not update the gateway code after adding a new message type. 😞

  • what type of data are you trying to send and is there a reason you can't use V_VAR1? or V_DIMMER?
    I believe V_DIMMER is expecting a % and I know with V_VAR you can send any type you want.

  • i think V_DIMMER can be used for the purpose.. but controlling speed is not something u can do with just a relay .

  • I have a dimmer circuit with me which gives digital output. I just want to know the correct message format for the MQTT message. And how to add a new message type ?. Anyone has done this already ?

  • Help needed with adding a new message type. I want to add V_FAN to identify the fan. I am not able to send the message from gateway.

    I am trying to check message.type = V_FAN, but nothing is happening, I think this message is never arriving at the node.

  • Can you share your code ?

  • Which hardware s used for controlling a FAN?

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