Sonoff Bridge 433mHz+ Digoo sensor witch firmware

  • Hi there all,
    I just want to buy 8 pieces of the Digoo DG-R8H 433MHz
    but before buy this I just want to ask someone... Can I link this sensor to the Sonoff RF Bridge please ?

    If yes... what firmware I must put in the Sonoff ? (naw I have Tasmota)

    Thanks in advance all

  • Well, this is certainly not a MySensors question. 😄 You probably need to do more research about 433mhz stuff in general, and/or the Sonoff RF bridge, if that is the system you are interested in using. I am pretty sure there must be some Sonoff forums somewhere where you could get support?

    I can tell you that there are lots of different ways to interact with 433mhz stuff, just depends which way you prefer. Personally I just bought a set of 433mhz receiver + transmitter (make sure to get superheterodyne type) and put it together on an Arduino with OpenMQTTGateway for software. it works great, and supports a lot of additional protocols like RF, BLE, etc. should I want to add those later.

  • Great think this OpenMQTTGateway ✌ )
    I'll post there.
    Thanks a lot

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