Sometimes DomoticZ doesn't receive data from nodes

  • Hi everybody. I created my MySensors home network based on DomoticZ loaded into Raspberry PI and several nodes based on Arduino Pro Mini (16, 5V), DHT22 and W5100 ethernet card. Basically the network is based on Ethernet (wired) and is used to collect temp and hum from every room in my house and through DomoticZ control the temperature room by room. Sometimes few nodes (not always the same, it happen randomly) are not receveid by DomoticZ. If I reboot the node then it starts to be gathered by DomoticZ again. Can you suggest me how to solve this issue? I read the forum to check if the node autoreboot is feasible but (if I well understood ) it seems to be not possible. May someone of you help me?

  • Found the solution. I used

    asm volatile (" jmp 0 "); // reset

    to reboot the node each hour (or any other timing) .

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