domoticz motion(type)sensors don't show battery level

  • hello. i build an motion sensors that works great but if i select sensor type on domoticz like "motion sensor", the battery level from "devices" disappear. That only happens on "motion sensor type", if i select other like on/off type ,the level appears but than i can't use the "disable after x seconds" feature present only on motion sensor type.
    any one have this problem? i can't find if its an domoticz bug or mysensors , or what what happens
    code is bellow but i think it's ok because if i select other type of sensor ,on domoticz, battery status work good. .thanks.


    void setup()
    	pinMode(DI_SENSOR1, INPUT);
    	//pinMode(DI_SENSOR2, INPUT); // sets the motion sensor digital pin as input
    void presentation()
    	// Send the sketch version information to the gateway and Controller
    	sendSketchInfo("Motion Sensor", "1.0");
    	// Register all sensors to gw (they will be created as child devices)
    	present(CHILD_ID, S_MOTION);
    void loop()
      int sensorValue = analogRead(BATTERY_SENSE_PIN);
     float vBat  = static_cast<float>(sensorValue * (8.2/1023));
      #ifdef MY_DEBUG
        Serial.print("A0: ");
        Serial.print("Battery Voltage: ");
        int batteryPcnt =  static_cast<int>(((vBat-6)/(8.4-6))*100.);
      // ((1e3+150)/150)*1.1 = Vmax = 8.43 Volts
       // 8.43/1023 = Volts per bit = ~0.00804
      #ifdef MY_DEBUG
           Serial.print("Battery percent: ");
        Serial.println(" %");
       if (oldBatteryPcnt != batteryPcnt)  {
            // Power up radio after sleep
            oldBatteryPcnt = batteryPcnt;
        bool tripped = digitalRead(DI_SENSOR1) == HIGH;
        sleep(digitalPinToInterrupt(DI_SENSOR1), RISING, 0);

  • I have 2 motion sensors on Domoticz, and they both show the battery level.
    Maybe it is because your level doesn't get sent often enough. I do send a battery level every 30 minutes even if the value hasn't changed (which is way too often. But, I am still experimenting with these nodes.)
    Or, maybe it has to do with the Domoticz version. My Domoticz version is 2020.2

  • My version it's V4.11207 .I can't upgrade more without upgrade Os from "strecht"to new raspbian Os. Shouldn't be the sensor update frequency because if i go to domoticz now and just change sensor type to" on/off switch" ,battery level just appears there on debices.
    I think that i have to upgrade everyting...Os and domoticz but its a pain,because i have to pair zwave devices from shutters again...and probably new bugs appear.... My thought is;linux that work...don't touch 😝

  • I know what you mean.
    I have several Pi's. I upgraded them from Stretch to Buster using instructions found here

    I only got the courage to ugrade my domoticz server after having upgraded 3 others first with no problems.
    But it did work.

  • On a new card i updated OS to Raspian Buster and installed latest domoticz V 2.2020. BUT the problem still the same . no battery value present soon as this sensor report a new "data" AND it's as motion sensor and not as any other type of sensor. If it works to others i really don't understand what happens...😖

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