Removed childs not being recognised again

  • I have a problematic sensor running PIR/Voltage/Temp/Hum

    I uploaded some different code (PIR/Voltage Only) to test but it messed up the childs in Domoticz so I deleted them
    Now when I restart the node they do not get re-recognized.

    I know that deleting the entire node causes Domoticz to forget it forever. Is this the same with child objects?
    I will restore from backup for now.

  • Mod

    As you have already (at least partly) guessed, the Domoticz delete feature really means "remove all past data and ignore all future data". In a way that makes sense. If the delete feature only removed past data, any sensor sending new data would quickly show up again which might not be what people expect when they delete sensor (or child).

  • Thanks for confirming this.
    I will have to be careful when swapping code for testing purposes. I restored the Domoticz database and all seems back to how it was.
    I will probably create another post for the actual issue I am having with the node....will try and figure it out myself first. something not right with my code as about 15 unknown childs have been created and the node has high power consumption, like it is restarting constantly. I have ruled out hardware.

  • Restarting domoticz might help next time, when you have original code running on that node again.
    Also some PIR cause radio interference, if i remember correctly, then hc sr501 should be ok.

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