Use IFTTT to get email updates for new thread entries!

  • Hi,
    I was a bit surprised that I did not get email updates to the thread I started and had to check manually if someone replied. So as a workaround I now use IFTTT to do that. In all the threads there is that small RSS feed link on the top, which you can use to create an IFTTT trigger which sends you an email.
    This for example sends updates to my email as soon as someone posts a reply in the RFM69 implementation thread.
    You can replace the RSS url with any topic you want to stay up to date with.
    I just wanted to share this, if someone else wants to use this approach as well.

  • Nevermind, this approach works fine but only up to a certain number of posts, since then the RSS feed does not seem to get updated anymore after 27 posts. Anyone else any suggestions on how to get email notifications or RSS notifications for new posts in a thread?

  • Admin

    Have you tried enabling "Send email when replies are made to topics I am subscribed to" in your settings?

    Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 16.05.02.png

    We're running a development version of the NodeBB forum right now, things like this could very well be in a broken state. But they are closing up to a release.

  • Haha, seems that I overlooked that feature... I was looking for something like that, but could not find it, so that is why I came up with the workaround using IFTTT.
    I activated it now, lets see if I get the emails.

  • Admin

    Test! :)

  • Successful :) thanks and resolved :)

  • Admin

    Great. Might as well mention push notifications if you prefer that:

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