Is it possible to extract child ID from a just sent message?

  • Hi,
    In my ongoing effort to ensure end to end data transmission of some more critical data, is it possible to extract / retrieve the constituent elements of a message, just sent. in the manner of an incoming message in the receive() function?
    i.e. can I in a separate function, handling the "logging" of outgoing messages (to be compared to incoming echos) do something like

    send(msgSPFlag.set(SPupdateFlag), true);
    ChildIDtoCheck = message.sensor;

    My aim would be to put the sent childID's into a buffer and then loop through the childID's (in the buffer) in the receive function, and then remove them from the buffer on successful receipt of an echo, if this works, I could possibly expand this to check the actual message payload against what was sent, but that is probably unnecessary.

    If that isn't possible, than I'll just have to pass the child to my function as well, but it would be nicer if I can "extract" it.

    Many thanks Nigel

  • I Guess given the lack of response, that the answer is no.

    I am passing the child ID to my function as a separate int.

  • Hardware Contributor

    @Nigel31 Hello, if you have a message variable (msgSPFlag I guess ?) then you have the child ID in it in the destination property of the message.

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