Quinetic 'micro energy' generators - anyone know what they are?

  • https://www.quinetic.co.uk

    Seems like a nice thing to have for simple things like this - not good for my sensors as that needs a lot longer to set up and transmit, but interesting all the same - I wonder if it is one or more magnet/coil arrangements that generate the power? Still, nice to have light switches that don't need any mains or battery power.

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    EnOcean has been selling these types of self-powered switches for over 10 years. Maybe even 20 years. Not much energy is needed to make a transmission, so any number of methods to harvest mechanical energy might be used. IIRC, the simplest method is a simple thwack onto a piezo crystal, which in turn produces a short burst of voltage. After all, at some level that's how microphones work. But you're right, alternatives might involve quickly moving a coil through a magnetic field.

  • Thought I remembered a teardown and examination, and finally found it... Enjoy...
    At least I hope it's the correct one...

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