Replace 2.4GHz remote controllers

  • Hi.
    First want to say that I'm overwhelmed of the information on this site and don't know where to begin. This is why I'm placing this post.

    I own several Remote controllers to control a: IR Panel, LED ceiling lamp and LED AliExpress lamp (see picture). I thought to simply capture and replay the RF 2.4GHz signals with some to replace the Remote controllers. This to add some RF device to my Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant.

    I came across this site: and bought a Arduino Mega 2560 and a NRF24L01 (see picture). I put it together but sadly I can't get it to work.

    Than I came across this site and have hope again.

    • Should/Could it be possible to record and replay the RF 2.4GHz signals of the remote controls? Some are saying that that there are many protocols etc.
    • Can I use my Arduino setup and some software from this site to accomplish this?

    IMG_1624 groot.jpeg

  • @Zwippet the link you provided answers most of your questions:
    That's the list of devices supported by rflink firmware. If yours aren't among them, I guess they won't work.

    Mysensors work within it's own protocol and doesn't support any 3d party commercial products as per my knowledge.

  • @monte said in Replace 2.4GHz remote controllers:

    "Mysensors fonctionne selon son propre protocole et ne prend en charge aucun produit commercial" yes

    the beginning of a track can be useful for you ?

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