Long Term Data Retention and Graphing

  • I would like a more robust method of storing my sensor data, and viewing it. I currently use vera, with datamine, but find the graphs and data manipulation to be severely lacking.

    I looked in to Domonitz, but it appears that interval data is only kept for 7 days. Beyond that, just min max and average. This is nice, but I would really like to retain a higher resolution of long term data. For instance, hourly or so.

    What solutions is everyone else using/

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    If you use vera you might want to take a look at data yours.
    It looks promising.


  • I am building my own controller running on raspi with mysql as database so planning to integrate charts and graphs can give user a interactive view of the sensor data.

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    check out plot.ly and search this forum, lots of help available here for that...

    @ferpando , re: DataYours, adding yet another plugin to vera to me is like inviting a kleptomaniac into your jewelry store, IMHO. at first you don't notice anything and the next thing you know, all your valuables are gone (memory). I've gone the other way, taking off the plugins that make vera (an otherwise extremely stable device) a beast to manage.

    I'm now putting lot of intelligence right into mySensor nodes or dovetailing devices made with the MIT educated cousin of Arduino, the Spark Core!

  • Thanks for the suggestions guys!

    I have looked at DataYours, installed it last night and have done some tinkering. It looks relatively good.

    My hope would be for Domoticz to offer long term storage, but I would like the alternatives in the mean time. I too do not want 100 misc. plugins clogging my Vera, however with the few I currently have, things seem to be running quite well.

    I'll check in to plot.ly, thanks again fellas!

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