dyp-me003se mini sensor

  • dyp-me003se MINI PIR

    Has anyone used this PIR sensor yet? I tried to swap out a dyp-me003 with this new mini-version, but the output line seems to float between high and low triggering motion when no one is even close to the sensor.

    Does it need a pull up/down resistor?
    If so anyone know the correct size (10k) and which leg to apply it to +/(-).


  • Admin

    My sensors (not mini sensors though) were doing that when I didn't have enough power going to them. When I connect them directly to the source (either 12v or 5v) bypassing the arduino and they have been working great.

  • Thanks

    That might have been my issue. I did notice the 5v step-up LED seemed to brighten at times, which I never noticed before. This sensor is a Micro Pro 3.3v with step-up to 5v for the sensor. It is powered with a 5v 1a wall plug. Anyhow I recompiled the sketch removing the EPROM write after trying some pull down resistor values, no luck, put it back in its original location and so far it has been working fine. Will have to watch it for a while.