RFXCOM open source

  • Hi,

    It will be great to have an open source version of rfxcom, I mean a library that can manage multiple radio protocoles. RFXCOM is quite expensive and I think mySensors library can also support other radio protocoles to be compatible with other devices on the market.

    I see on an other thread maybe mySensors will be compatible with radioHead library who is also compatible with 433Hz radio transmitters. So we can work to a new api who can manage all 433Hz protocoles like RFXCOM do. Like this we can have a RFXCOM like for small $$ :)

    Anyone will be interested about a such project ?

    For example we can create a top layer on mySensors and make serial communication become :


    Few examples for :
    MySensors :


    Chacon/HomeEasy :


    same for all protocol we want to support

  • @jaumard

    Dont think this is very nice to RFXCom dont you think?

    Besides, that you can decode a 'few' protocols, do you really think you can decode all that RFXCom does?

    What is expensive ? 100 euro's for a rock solid (and active developed) device ?

    Did you looked at the 'RFLink' project?

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