Protocole radio for new device

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to create my own connected device for my home and want to use radio to speak with it.
    I have 433 radio emitter/receptor but I don't know witch radio protocole use.

    I need to send commands to my device and the device need to send his state to the controller.

    Anyone can tell me witch radio protocole I can use to do this ? Chacon doesn't get the state back, z-wave and enocean are proprietary... I'm lost with all protocoles


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    This is exactly what the MySensors library provides for you. Right now you need to use the Nordic NRF24L01 or HopeRF RF69 radio.

  • Thanks @hek
    I read for the nRF24L01 : This product is not recommended for new designs. Nordic recommends its drop-in compatible nRF24L01+ or for a System-on-Chip solution the Nordic nRF24LE1 or nRF24LU1+.

    nRF24L01+ will work great with MySensor library ?

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    yes nrf24L01+ works fine. in fact only the plus version works fine because mysensors typically uses the slower but more power effective 250kbps mode which was introduced with the + version. Older version (without +) needs some tweaks to work..

  • @Dirk_H thanks ! Before I start with mysensor can you confirm I can send and receiver anything by radio ? I really need to send multiple command to my device and my device need to send it's state.

    Also need to know if I want to use my device with jeedom or domoticz what I have to do ? It's already compatible because I use mysensors ?

    Thanks a lot for your help πŸ™‚

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    I don't know what you mean with anything? Each package has it's limit of 32 bytes (-7 bytes mysensors header).

    Yes both Jeedom and Domoticz has MySensors support (as in they can recognise a set of devices and present reported sensor data nicely in their GUI).

  • @hek sorry I will try to explain a little more πŸ™‚
    I'm trying to create my own home automation box (hardware and software) and want to make my own connected devices too. All of this speak with radio wave.
    I need something like :
    Box -> Command1 -> Device1
    Device1 -> State1 -> Box
    Box -> Command2 with params -> Device1
    Device1 -> State2 -> Box
    Box -> Command3 -> Device2

    I read mysensors have an auto mode for giving unique ids for devices and that's also what I want. This id is in 7 header bytes ? The sender id is also in it ? Cause I don't want my device to answer to another box... for security.

    I maybe try to sell my box and devices so I need a protocole who is supported by other box (jeedom...). I want to be sure that mysensors is the right choice for doing this πŸ™‚

    Thanks a lot for helping !

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    @jaumard I suggest to take a close look at the Serial protocol description and API. That pretty much explains all there is. The "unique ID's" are handed out by the controller (Vera, Domoticz, etc. if supported) and are a basic element in the communication (node's).

  • @AWI thanks for pointing me to the doc it look great ! I will give it a try πŸ™‚

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