How do I access Mysensors Cloud

  • The networking page states this:
    Gateway - passes data to either your home automation controller or to the MySensors Cloud.
    How do I access the Mysensors cloud?

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    The Cloud hasn't been realised yet. I've just haven't had the time to create the service.

    Got a heap of ideas though... 🙂 But that won't help you much.

  • In theory the controller could be placed on Cloud, allowing to be accessed remotely is'nt it? What about intrinsic security communications between gw and controller?

  • Then why has this been stated without the mention that it is a planned feature, it is under the getting started tutor, this is the statement that has caused the confusion with my stand alone ethernet gateway topic.
    I suggest a correction to that statement as being on the things to do list.
    It sounds then that Mysensors would be a forerunner in providing a cloud based home automation server, do you plan to make it similar to Domoticz but in the cloud so the gateway is standing alone without any PC interface for it to collect the logging and access on a smartphone or laptop for changing setpoints and output control and such.

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    Thought I had removed the cloud references entirely from the main site. Will update the text.

  • @hek
    OK, but you have not replied to the remainder of my post, am I to assume that the cloud is not going to happen?

  • @kayedee said in How do I access Mysensors Cloud:

    OK, but you have not replied to the remainder of my post, am I to assume that the cloud is not going to happen?

    @hek, thanks for the incredible work done at mysensors. Do you have any update after three years on that topic ? Is there going to be a MySensor cloud someday ?

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    I did some development but it has been "on ice" for over a year. The idea was to offer something running in the "cloud" for quick testing and sharing sensor readings with friends and family. But (as always) it quickly grow out of proportion (storing historic data, dashboards, mail triggers etc) and I realised other projects does this much better. I.e. a hosted NodeRED would do the trick (e.g.
    Another issue would also be how to handle the hosting cost for the service (which would require a few more cpu cycles and storage than the current site).

    Not sure what will happen with the code, it was pretty tied to the main site with users etc. Maybe I will pick up the work some rainy day. 🙂

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