MQTT Gateway + Node-Red + Vis

  • I have been playing around with the MQTT Gateway and Node-Red. I started with what user @Heinz did in a different forum topic however I am hoping to use MQTT.

    First of all, node-red is a dead simple way to monitor MQTT traffiction. The question I have is about the messages created form the MQTT gateway.

    I am only getting messages that "set" data. For example

    { "topic": "MyMQTT/20/0/V_HUM", "payload": "53.5", "qos": 0, "retain": false, "_msgid": "a3f256c8.5c0da8" } 

    but I never see any presentation messages or ack messages. I took a look at the MQTT code but I don't know C++. Is there a difference between the serial gateway and the mqtt gateway? Meaning is there more functionality in the serial gateway?

    By the way the vis app for node-red,
    , has some nice functionality. Pretty easy to add switches. I think you need your sensor IDs to be static but I think you could easily create a widget to display sensors that are new.

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    The 'default' MQTT Gateway doesn't support all message types.

    I hacked the MQTT Client Gateway to support:

    • sketchinfo
    • sketchversion
    • time
    • batterylevel

    There are articles about the serial gateway and node-red in this forum. This could be another solution for you.

  • Thanks - I will give it a try.

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