AC power to Arduino Pro Mini 5v

  • Best way to power an Arduino Pro Mini 5v from the wall?

    I am going to be purchasing some components to test connectivity with my Veralite. First will build the (probably ethernet) vera bridge, and a see about building and including a temp/humidity sensor.

    If all goes well, I will be adding various sensors and tinkerings around the house.

    One thing I hate though, is battery power. Yes, convenient, but I dislike having to swap them out and monitor their level and such. Would much rather just plug something in to the wall and forget about it. What options do I have for doing this? Looking to keep each sensor as cheap as possible obviously, so was looking to go with the Pro Mini 5v's, I am just uncertain of the optimal way to provide them AC(120v, from the USA) power.

    End game is a potential 6-7 temp sensors, 2 distance, a couple of motion, and who knows what else.

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    I use normal wall warts like this:
    5V 2A USB Port Wall Adapter Charger EU/US Plug
    Just cut the wire and connect it to the Arduino.

  • @hek Doh that easy? haha thank you.

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