Hardware suppliers in the UK

  • Hi, I would like to start using the Arduino hardware that you list in your store. Do you supply to the UK or do you have a supplier here in the UK. I feel that if possible I would like to purchase your hardware because I feel that I would have a better chance of it working and I feel that it is only fair to try and support Mysensors as I will hopefully be using lots of information from this site and help from the forum members to get me going.


    London. England

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    Hi, and welcome 🙂

    We have a collaboration with ITEAD studios in china, that produces and sell our PCB's, the only PCB that we have as official mysensors pcb at the moment, is the "SenseBender Micro". I know that ITEAD has a network of distributors around the world, but don't know if they have the sensebender in stock.

    Other than that, we have the ebay / aliexpress store links, for buying things on ebay (like arduino clones, radios etc)

  • Thanks for your prompt reply. I will have a look on ebay.co.uk to see what I can find.

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    if you want to support the project, then use the links in the store or buy the sensebender from itead 🙂