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    I am exceptionally new to all of this, so forgive any awful questions. I am a mechanical engineer by trade, and this electrical/programming stuff is like magic to me currently! 🙂

    Hello, I have ordered parts to begin tinkering with a sensor network, tied to my VeraLite system.

    What options do I have for data logging and viewing? It would be really nice to track temperatures/humidity/battery levels (anything really) to a database and read said data in graph form.

    I know the data can be sent to my VeraLite, and I currently have "datamine" installed on my vera which is tracking and graphing my thermostat temperatures and set points, but the program leaves a lot to be desired in graph presentation... Are there Vera alternatives I have not found, or perhaps any way to send the data to a PC or something instead? I have a home server which is always on and could serve as a repository for the data..

    Any help/suggestions appreciated, thanks.

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    MySensors will offer a cloud storage for sensor data. But it is still a bit unclear it you will need to assemble a separate Raspberry gateway/controller to have this functionality of if the Vera has the horsepower to handle encryption of the data when its sent to the cloud.

  • ooooo that would be pretty cool! Thanks for the info, sorry if I missed it somewhere.

  • @hek
    How about providing the sensor data with SNMP to local LAN so that e.g. Cacti server could be used for the graphing (and Nagios for monitoring and alerting)?

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    @samppa said:

    I would probably use MQTT or for this type of pub/sub functionality on the local network.

    SNMP/Nagios has never crossed my mind. Hmm.. Isn't that more adopted for monitoring server infrastructure?

  • MQTT would indeed be a good solution for this.
    Together with Node JS, raspi, mysql, ngnix....

    More information I want to share from my personal favorites:

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    Indigo (Mac software controller) gives you the option to store your data in a database.
    And there is a plot plugin to do exactly what you want to do if I am not mistaken.
    You can read more here:

  • @hek Yes SNMP is usually used in server context, but as Vera is IP device there is no reason why it would not serve the data also over SNMP as it is so simple. And the monitoring tools are ready-made and robust.
    Of course this may be that "when you have a hammer in hand everything looks like a nail" - as they say.. 🙂

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