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    Hope to finish the sketch over the weekend 😉

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    @hek Looks great. I was planning something similar, but not quite as many sensors 🙂 I was planning on using a weight sensor to confirm if sitting down to ensure the lights (z-wave) that automatically go on and off based on a (x-10) motion sensor, don't go off if someone has been sitting still for a while. Hadn't considered tracking it for "loss" 😌


    PS, you could maybe add some walls to help conceal noise and smell 😛

  • hahaha love it 🙂

    how about some gas sensors to measure co2 and methane and sulpher dioxide 😉

    ultrasonic to measure speed of turd under gravity or pressure 😮

  • I think a stink sensor, with a red flashing light on the outside door is the way to go. Lol or an auto spray after you leave...

  • Can you integrate this into my Toto washlet so that it can turbo wash if I have been there to long! 🙂

    Luv it!

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    I had to check, tho, that this wasn't a post from April 1 that resurfaced... especially with the twitter status.

    And I wonder if the methane sensor would really work in that application.

    With all those sensors and wires, the Spousal Acceptance Factor might be a challenge, unless you meticulously handle all the cleaning duties.

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    Yes, this was meant as a joke. Sorry to let you down. 🙂

    I had that dutch guy in mind who logs toilet flushes. And then thought what would happen if you took this to some new heights.

    As @Zeph says, this would probably not get sanctioned by my better half. But twitter status would've been fun.. There's so much sh*t on twitter anyways.

    Wouldn't want to have my toilet hacked:

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    Hahaha, that dutch guy is crasy 🙂 Love his homepage... never seen before but thats something to aim for, lol.

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