MYSbootloader for Pro Mini 1Mhz

  • Hey everyone,

    I managed to make MYSController work with my gw just today. Next project is the MYSbootloader. 🙂
    First: I've never changed a bootloader or fuses upto now.
    I want to change the fuses to run the Pro Mini at 1Mhz (battery powered) and burn this bootloader.
    Do I need to burn the fuses before uploading the bootloader? I didn't found that option in Arduino IDE (I'm going to use an Nano as ArduinoISP).
    What do I have to change in the bootloader to change frequency and how do I have to compile the new hex file?
    Sorry for all these noob questions, but I didn't found helpfull topics with the search.


  • Get yourself a USBtinyISP, can be bought cheap on ebay.
    then read the good stuff from Gammon and then you can with avrdude program the fuses after you have programmed the sketch

  • Hi @bjacobse,
    I already read this article some time ago about the sleep modes. The reason I want to go for 1Mhz is to reduce BOD to 1.8V with my battery.
    As far as I know I don't need an USBtinyISP, because i can use ArduinoISP for the same purpose, right?
    The thing most important to me (which I didn't found in tutorials online) is how to modify the MYSbootloader with the right settings.
    Concerning the order: I think I have to do first the fuses, second a new bootload with correct Mhz (for timings during boot) and then a new sketch. Can someone confirm this?

  • Admin

    @Anduril MYSBootloader was tested for 1Mhz (actually the bootloader works unmodified down to 125KHz with 1Mhz & prescaler 8 ). Therefore, burn the correct fuse settings (remember: MYSBootloader is 2kb, therefore BOOTSZ = 1024 Words = 2048 Bytes) and verify if OTA updates are working.

  • How did you get it to work??

    Could you write a noob tutorial on how it works with bootloaders and how to upload them?

    I've downloaded the mysensors1.5 zip file, but what are the next steps, how do i get it to show up in arduino sketch and after that what must i change and how do i upload it in my arduino??