Fake DS18B20 sensors.

  • Hello,

    I just discovered that my last delivery of DS18B20 temperature-sensors seems to be fake. The output values only vary in 0.5C steps. I tried to set the resolution to 12 bit, then read it back and it reads 9 bit. I read the device address and it starts with 0x28 which means, according to dallastemperature.h that it is actually a DS18B20 (with 12-bit resolution).
    This is just a heads up, but maybe someone has experienced similar things?
    I think I should switch to another ebay-supplier because this is not the first counterfeit I received...


  • DS18S20?

  • @b0rmann well, that is what I thought too. But the chips are definitely labeled "DS18B20" and the device-address also matches a DS18B20.

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