What does "Multiceiver - 6 Data Pipes" means - nRF24L01 ?

  • Hello all,

    I don't know what does a pipe mean ? I searched online and at first I thought that this means that I can connect maximum 6 nodes together. But does this means on the same channel ?

    I also read that it means that the data transmitted can be received by 6 devices at the same time. Can't really seems logic. Isn't it a transmitting node which transmits packets and whoever node is in its range will receive the data ?

    Further more I found on mysensors that a big number of RF devices can be used and they will connect together correctly. Thus I am confused.

    Can you please show me a clear explanation of what does it mean ?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Mod

    @ahmedadelhosni The 6 pipe multiceiver function is a specific function for nRF24L01+.
    When a packet is transmitted by the radio it will be sent to a specific node address on the channel.
    Each nRF24L01+ radio can listen for 6 different node addresses simultaneously. A single receiver buffer is called a 'pipe'.
    Most applications will only use one or two receiver pipes, e.g. one for explicit node addressing and one for receiving broadcasts sent to all nodes.
    You cannot mixup different radios between a single mysensors network.

    Hope this makes things clear!

  • Thank you for your reply.

    Things are getting more clear. I am just still not familiar with the chip.
    Suppose now that I have one chip as a transmitter and I have 8 nodes as receivers.
    In the first case the TX will be able to transmit to all 8 nodes successfully, right ?
    But If now I want after transmitting to be able to receive an ACK or a specific form of bytes which indicates that the value was received by one of the 8 eights correctly. Will that be applicable ? Will the trasnmitter node be able to receive from the 8 nodes ?

    As I said I still can't get how is the nrf configured, like what are adresses and whether all nodes has same frequency or not...etc.

    Thank you.

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