Wind sensor plug in files for Vera (UI5)

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    I recently created a MySensor modules which records the wind speed and direction, to make the readings visible in my Vera box I've created Vera plug in files. From whoever likes them to use, I just post them here.
    Unfortunately i was not able to add a nice anemometer icon. The plug in is tested with UI5, they might work with UI7.

    Cheerz Bart

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    Thanks @BartE.

    Would be great if you could create a git pull request with these files against the Vera plugin project.

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    The pull requests should be available now.

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    @hek I did make a small update to this device plugin together with 2 other Vera devices

    • Mutlimeter handling V_VOLTAGE, V_CURRENT, V_IMPEDANCE
    • LcdText handling V_TEXT

    I've created one pull-request for it

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    Thanks @BartE, you are a saviour.

    I've had a hard time keeping up with the Vera plugin while doing a lot of work on the MySensors library.

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    If you want to host a device icon here (like I do for the other devices), let me know.

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    @hek Thanx for the offer. With the three devices i managed to reuse existing icons although the wind icon can be improved

    Are there any other Vera plugins you like to see (still busy with vosmont for the RGB device) ?

    (The best way to support an opensource project is to contribute code :-))

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    @BartE said:

    (The best way to support an opensource project is to contribute code )

    So true.

    Well, supporting RGB/RGBW probably is top on the list. 🙂 Good priority.

    Another long forgotten device is the IR-thingie. I suspect we need to discuss how this should work and/or if we'd need a couple more V-types to do a more useable thing of it.

    As ir-codes often is too long to sent over the air I imagine we'd have to store them in the node itself and just sending some index back and forth. So a Vera device probably should have a record/delete functionality and a way of launching a few (10?) ir commands via GUI and the rest by lua if needed.

    CMD (payload)
    IR_SEND (index) - Instructs node to send an ir code on index X
    IR_RECEIVE (index) - Received ir code index
    IR_RECORD (index) - Initiates node to go into a record state, recoding into index X
    IR_DELETE (index) - Maybe superfluous? One could just overwrite an old index?

    Maybe an advanced tab like this:
    0 [ Send IR 0 ] [ Record ] [ Delete ] Name: [ ___________ ] 
    1 [ Send IR 1 ] [ Record ] [ Delete ] Name: [ ___________ ] 
    2 [ Send TV-ON ] [ Record ] [ Delete ] Name: [ TV-ON_______ ]
    3 [ Send IR 3 ] [ Record ] [ Delete ] Name: [ ___________ ]
    And dashboard device
    Last Received IR code: 1
    Last Sent IR code: TV-ON

    Well, just from the top of my head. Open for discussion of course.

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    @hek : i did made a small windsenor icon like you suggested
    Can you please provide the full link once it is uploaded?

    About the IR module:
    This actually sounds like a great idea.
    I will create a plug in for this idea, let me think about this for a couple of days.
    Do you already have experience with a certain IR-record Arduino project?

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    @hek That's fast, i've made pull request for the plug in as well so the icon is used

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    You're fast too! Great.

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    @hek i've implemented your IR request see:
    and the pull request i did make.

    These icons are needed for Vera to work properly
    RemoteControl.png = RemoteControl.png

    RemoteControl_0.png = RemoteControl_0.png

    RemoteControl_100.png = RemoteControl_100.png

  • @BartE , hello I have a Fibaro RGBW module and an analog WindSensor and For me it doesn't work. Should your pluging work with these devices or it was designed for another components?

    Thanks in advance

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    @abrmartin What is the problem?

    The Fibaro RGBW module should work without MySensors directly connected to your home automation system.
    What is the issue with the wind sensor maybe you can give some more detail.

  • @BartE ,

    I'm trying to set up an analog anemometer in my veralite system using the RGBW controller from fibaro. The problem I have is: which plugging should be used to let RGBW controller read the input from the anemometer and display the wind speed value in Km/h?
    I'm not a programmer and all my configurations applied to my veralite was using internet.
    I have spent lot of weeks looking for a solution but until this moment no progress achieved.
    Any support from your side will be very very appreciated.
    Thanks a lot.


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