MQTT_FIRST_SENSORID in MQTT Client Gateway Dev. Branch 1.5

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    Today I tried to setup a test env for 1.5 Dev Branch

    With the 1.4 API I am using a patched MQTT Client Gateway which has a setting for the first id, that will be assigned to a node: MQTT_FIRST_SENSORID

    I couldn't find this setting in GatewayW5100MQTTClient of the dev branch. Where can this be set?

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    The mqtt gateway in dev-branch is quite new and works on both ESP8266 and W5100 equipped AVR boards.

    Good that you've started testing it. I tried to clean up the previous community contributed versions but I might very well have missed a few things.

    Here is a summary of the changes:

    • The mqtt topic of the new version looks a bit different. Now it holds exactly the same information as the serial protocol. There's no longer any textual strings for VARs. They took up too much precious space and required unnecessary maintenance.
    • There is no longer any id-handout functionality in the gateway. This should be handled by the controller (or some other subscriber).
    • Internal commands from nodes (time-request and id-reguest) is send to the broker and someone must publish replies to these requests.
    • Other things like LED blinking and inclusion mode button should now work fine also for the MQTT gateway (when enabled).

    So, the gateway is much smaller (size-wise) and hopefully simpler to use now when documentation on the main site also reflects MQTT.

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    The nice thing about the MQTT Client Gateway form 1.4 was, that it was the controller too. 🙂

    If I need a controller, I will use node-red with the serial gateway. MQTT is then handled by node-red. 🙂

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