How does RF work?? Electro-sensible problems

  • Hi all,
    New to this forum, new to Arduino and new to Raspberry...
    My concern is about all those RF signals around us. Would like to minimize them while tacking advantage of "mysensors".
    So I was wondering if those RF modules are emitting only when needed or are they emitting always (for example to keep modules in sync...)


  • Hello @OPatrick! 🙂
    The modules are only emitting when needed. They don't keep something like an active sync by default.
    The strength of the signals can be configured and should be as strong as needed but as low as possible.
    How often signals are emitted depends strongly on your sketches / use cases.
    But in "stand-by" the modules are completly powered down and don't emit any signals.

    I wouldn't worried that much. The nrf24l01+, by example, works in the 2.4ghz band with a relativly low signal strength. The human skin itself is a barrier that these signals can not penetrate.

  • Depending on your sensor setup they should be "sleeping" to conserve battery (if using battery). The sensors will only send messages when ordered to do so in code. The controller might send out ack signals depending on your setup but it is mostly in receive mode.

    On a side note if you are worried about RF interference it goes down to what frequency and what channel you are on as well as your settings for power. Also any other emitting device in your house could interfere. If you are worried about health issues you shouldn't be. You get orders of magnitude more EMF radiation from the sun than you could get from these devices.

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