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    I am proud to announce the initial release the MyNetSensors Web Controller.

    Since now you can easily create your smart devices and control them over the Internet.

    Key features:

    Control. The program automatically recognizes nodes and allows to control them through a web interface. It does not require to configure anything.

    History. Sensor readings are saved into the database for further analysis in the various graphical views. Also, you can see the statuses of the sensors graphically in real time.

    Tasks. Device can perform various actions on a schedule or periodically at a specified interval of time.

    Links. You can link devices together. They will react to state changes of each other.

    Soft-nodes. You can create software nodes. For example, MyNetSensors have a program that determines the average color of the computer screen and displays the data as node. If you make the link between this node and RGB-backlight, you will get Ambilight.

    Remap data. You can programmatically remap states of sensors, for establish interaction between different sensors, or for more accurately sensor tuning.

    Debug. With MyNetSensors easy to debug devices. You can observe all nodes technical information, and messages transmitted over the wireless network.

    Detailed documentation. On the official website you can find detailed documentation about installing and working with MyNetSensors.

    Feedbacks and support. Feel free to email me about new features which you would like to see and I will do my best to implement them.

    This software is open source. Code is written in .NET. You can join the development. I'll be glad to answer any question about the internal structure of the program.

    For more information please visit

  • Very impressive! I will definately give this a try. Though it may not fit as a central automation system for me, the Observe Nodes and the automatic discovery and history graphs look promising! 🙂

    Thank you for this!

    edit: too bad this is written in C# and Windows-exclusive

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    Thanks for the feedback. If you have comments, send me an emeil. As for multiplatform, I'm going to rewrite the code in ASP.NET5, once it exits beta status.Theoretically, this will make it possible to run the system on Linux and Mac. I wrote code with the future in mind.

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