My Shiny Gateway and Irrigation system sHiNyBoX! :P

  • Hello everybody.
    Since i discover this awesome project open source (mysensors) and the awesome work done here, i have been converted all my arduinos to Mysensor library ,because i already had Vera lite managing my home.

    so lets share what i already did. **Pictures!!!! **

    First, my gateway:
    i used a round small box , a ftdi adapter,and a 5v promini with 3.3v regulator on nrf24 .
    On picture is a normal nrf24 but then i use a amplified version that have an coaxial cable connected and an 2.4ghz antenna on outside roof(attach to my external TV antenna) ,So i can receive and send information to all my incoming sensors ,in all my garden(+3500m2) and it can receive inside home signal aswell.

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

    And then ,on 3rd day ,I created an irrigation control......

    Its not tested on vera yet, but at first look i have some work to do before it work properly. And i need replace this power wires for 12vpower adapter ones.

    Look at the switch ... you cant see it ... but its inside top rubber. just press on rubber and its water proof 🙂

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Sory about my English errors ,not my natural language:P

  • Admin

    Great works - looks awesome! 👍

    That said, you shouldn't need the extra coupling capacitor on the NRF24L01+ regulator because the coupling capacitor(s) are built in.

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