SerialGateway.ino fatal error MySigningNone.h no such file or directory compilation terminated

  • Hello

    I followed the guidance how to get started and faced the problem of wrong location of libraries or something around

    I am doing it in OSX. I did it already with FastLED libraries when played around Ambilight and it worked fine with no surprises.

    I downloaded from github and extracted in a temp location.
    Surprisingly the extracted folder structure contained a lot of extra things which should not be placed at Arduino IDE library location. Okay, I should not use anything except the library folder in the archive!

    The default location for Arduino IDE libraries is ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries
    I created a subfolder MySensors and moved all the content of the library folder from the downloaded archive

    So finally I got the following folder structure


    • Adafruit_BMP085
    • Adafruit_NeoPixel
    • BH1750
    • ...
    • MySensors
    • ...
    • UTFT_Buttons
    • UTouch

    Is that the proper location and the structure for the libraries?
    Dear folks, please advice on this

  • Admin

    All the libraries (including MySensors) should be in the libraries folder.

  • Thanks, it is better that way. Now I understand that in my case I created an extra top level folder MySensors which included all libraries. When I have these two libraries then SerialGateway is being compiled well.


    • MySensors
    • PinChangeInt

    Meanwhile I wonder why does the archive include so many irrelevant libraries as well?
    I mean for example:

    • Adafruit_BMP085
    • Adafruit_NeoPixel

    How are they connected to the topic of MySensors?!

  • Admin

    They are used by the examples under MySensors.

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