ESP 8266 gateway instructions for ESP12

  • Tried to follow the instructions but they do not seem quite clear for ESP12.
    As it says, I am first, supposed to flash ESP8266 with NODEMCU (done)
    This utilizes pins
    VCC, CH_PD, GND, GPIO15, GPIO1, GPIO0 and TX, RX

    Then I need to flash the Yveaux, code with nrf24l01 attached to esp.
    The problem is that looking at the scheme I am supposed to connect CSN of nrf24l01 to D8, which is a GPIO15 of the ESP. And for flashing it is short circuited to the ground. So what is the correct way to do that?

  • Mod

    I think the instructions in the gateway sketch are quite clear:

    CSN/CS     GPIO15
    ... and ...
    Connect GPIO15 via 10K pulldown resistor to GND 

    This will pull the GPIO to GND during flashing and allows control of CSN when the gateway code is running.

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