Changing MyConfig.h in codebender ide - compiling error

  • I built a serial gateway with an Arduino Nano and NRF24L01+ modul as a MySensors gateway to pimatic hc.

    Because I already had some Arduino projects on my local PC with an older version of the Arduino ide I did not want to change this now. So it was very good for me to use codebender ide for generating the code for the serial gateway and one sensor client node.

    I cloned the codes from the MySensors website to codebender and additional the MySensors library as a personal library. Everything fine - it was working 🙂

    Now I wanted to add the additional blinking LEDs to the serial gateway. So I had to change MyConfig.h in the Mysensors library. Because it is not possible yet to change a personal library once created in codebender (you can only view but not edit) I downloaded the complete mysensors/Arduino part from GitHub. I extracted the zip file and ripped the Mysensors library from the library path. I made the change in the MyConfig.h - "uncomment WITH_LEDS_BLINKING in MyConfig.h".

    After this I made a zip file only of the MySensors library path and uploaded the file to codebender as my personal version of MySensors library.

    I describe this procedure so detailed because I did not found a description how to deal with the problem that personal libraries can not be changed in codebender yet.

    Now I translated the code of the SerialGateway again and got the error:

    Looks like your project uses header files or libraries that do not exist in our system, in your personal libraries or in your sketch. More info
    In file included from (sketch file) SerialGateway.ino:50:
    (personal library file) MySensors/MySensor.h:158:70: error: unknown type name 'MyHwDriver'
            MySensor(MyTransport &radio =*new MyTransportNRF24(), MyHw &hw=*new MyHwDriver()
    (sketch file) SerialGateway.ino:71:1: error: unknown type name 'MyHwATMega328'
    MyHwATMega328 hw;

    Following the error message is a file missing which is in the original MySensors library stored and cloned in codebender but not in the MySensors library path in the GitHub repository. But I can not believe this.

    Is anybody out there who can help?

  • Sorry for the second post by myself again but so everyone can see on the title page that things were going further on.

    There are definitely two different versions of the MySensors library on GitHub and on codebender. I seems to me that much work was done for the ESP8266 gateway and after this the older AVR part was not tested enough. Codebender does not support ESP8266 hardware so the ESP8266 changes were not important for codebender.

    An easy and fast solution would be if the codebender version of the MySensors library could be downloaded somewhere from MySensors website or GitHub.

    Codebender itself gives no chance for this - you can not change and you can not download personal libraries from codebender. Both is planed but not done yet.

  • Admin

    I think I read somewhere that codebender will support the ESP soon. But still you're right, we'll need to update the library over at codebender once the next version is released.

    I would have hoped to have a more standard library structure by then also... so we can have it in the new Arduino IDE library manager as well.

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