Understanding Current Requirements

  • Since I am new to all of this. Can someone tell me if this is even remotely correct?

    From what I can find, current supply/requirements are as follows:

    Arduino Nano - 500 mA total, no more than 40 ma supply to each I/O
    LE33 - 100 mA supply max
    SOT-23 XC6206 - 200 mA supply max

    nrf24l01+ 60 mA draw max but looks like average is around 11 ma?
    nrf24l01+pa+lna 115 mA draw max

    If this is correct, it would seem that using the USB powered Nano should work fine for the nrf24l01+. Does the LE33 supply enough current for the nrf24l01+pa+lna or should I use the SOT-23?

    I'm sure this has been a previous thread but I am failing to find it.

    Also, I noticed the Nano has a 6-12 volt recommended rating. Why? Would any performance be gained from giving it 12v?

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