Free analog electronics course for everyone who understands Dutch

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    Since I wanted to know more about electronics, than just how to hookup components, I started looking for a course. I found a couple but they are all very expensive (1000 euro plus) and their purpose is more to train people as electronics professionals.

    I thought about that, but I'm pretty sure that I'll keep this is a hobby. I like my current job too much. After looking a bit further I came across this website This website is registered by a mr van den Heuvel (I checked that, because I'm always suspicious about free content in PDF files). I haven't scanned the PDF files for virus, that's because I don't have a virus scanner installed on my Mac (Which I probably should be doing). But if someone wants to do this, I'd be much obliged.

    I watched the lessons on his youtube channel, and they look more than pretty okay to me. At least I remember the things I was taught at school again. So if you want to know more about electronics and you understand Dutch, this is a great youtube channel The course seems pretty complete to me, but maybe someone with more electronics knowledge can confirm this.

    Please give the man thumbs up if you like his video. He spends a lot of time recording this free content. I don't know him, but I appreciate people who share things out of passion, instead of wanting to earn money with it.

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    I just realized that the site is also available in English. The book itself seems to be available in English. But I don't see a link to an english youtube channel.


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