How to make a Water Detector from a Smoke Detector

  • Hi everyone, I stumbled upon this website b/c of my Veraplus that I have picked up a few weeks ago.

    I am a total newbie but had a few questions. Looking for some assistance to be led in the right direction.

    I have found a video tutorial on creating a water detector using a smoke detector but I would like to go 1 step further and have this send notifications to my Veraplus when it goes off.

    How to make ● a Sewer Back-up Alarm on the Cheap ( that works ) – 05:32
    — Chris Notap

    I have read that I need a sensor and have to install the arduino plug in but how do I know what parts to purchase and how to connect it to the board that came with the smoke detector?

    I am a total newbie so please be gentle 😃

    Would an easier approach be to build a noise sensor to go off when the high pitch beeping goes off when water is detected?

    Looking for solutions