Duplicate NODE ID?

  • Hey,
    I was wondering, is it possible to duplicate NODE ID on two arduino devices?
    Lets say I have Two arduino devices set as light switch device, on one I have switch (button) and on the other there is a relay.

    I would like to send a command (let's say lights ON) from Vera and the relay will turn on and also the switch will indicate ON too.
    So if I set both devices to have the same NODE ID will both of them receive the command for ON from Vera?

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    @leeoz - good idea, dont know but why dont you try?
    Hard-code the node ID on both devices and report back - this is interesting for me as well.

    Could be that it wont work because of ack or something... the software/coding guys can probably answer that better.

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    I'm not sure what will actually happen, but I don't think it's the intent of the library to allow that. I imagine the routing information might get screwed up, at least in a larger network.

    I would stick to one node id per node.

  • @martinhjelmare
    I will try and publish resualts.
    My guess, since gateway send a message to node id, and the device is waiting for a message, if the message was recieved in both devices, then both will process.
    2 problems might happen.

    1. If one miss the message then Vera still get ack since the second got it.
    2. If u brodcast command from one, only Vera receive it, so we need to brodcast duplicate command. To vera and to it self.


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    Isn't there a more generic problem lurking here? If you have a multiway switch for example, with one switch at top of the stairs and one at the bottom of the stairs. Whenever you switch one, you want to toggle the light. Doesn't Vera support that? And if it does, couldn't the same mechanism be used for your case, with the difference that one of the switches doesn't exist physically?

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    @leeoz In theory it does work (if both share the same parent node), but you will run into routing issues in case of different parental nodes. Also, ACKs won't be reliable. As @martinhjelmare pointed out, better stick to unique node IDs.

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    ok, so but if you hard code both ID and parent it should in theory work...

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    @sundberg84 yes, but there is no guarantee that both nodes receive the message (due to the low level ACK mechanism)