Codebender examples don't match Arduino library examples?

  • Hey guys.. I'm having a good bit of confusion. I'm trying to get a combination temperature/humidity/motion sensor node going and am running into all kinds of road blocks. I've downloaded the Arduino library and am able to compile and upload example files without problems.

    I do not see the humidity/temp sketch listed in the examples (perhaps it's named in a different way?). I tried copying the example from the build page and it won't compile. I see that it tries to include like this

    #include <MySensor.h>  

    where the example sketches include like this:

    #include <MySensors.h>  

    I'm not a programmer but I have built some of these sensors successfully in the past and would like to add a few more sensors. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong and also possibly link to a working example of the humidity temp node?

  • Admin

    Codebender is outdated, as they only support arduino 1.0, which isn't compatible with mysensors 2.0. So latest mysensors lib available in codebender is 1.5.x

  • @tbowmo Thanks for the reply. I'm still a newbie with all this. I think that I have 2.0 installed but most of the code examples I see or have used in the past are not 2.0 . Can you tell me how to install the older library and get rid of the newer one?

    Basically I'd just like to be able to upload the code I've used before to the new nodes.


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