Update from 1.41 to 2.0?

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    My Mysensors network with Vera controller constructed with 1.41 library has been operating very reliably for almost 2 years now. I have been very pleased with it. I recently added an IR emitter/dc relay node so I could control my stereo receiver and HD FM tuner. The relay is to turn on and off a bluetooth connection between the Receiver and a recently acquired Amazon echo Dot which communicates with Vera via a separate HA bridge. Having voice control over on/off sensor functions is a great advantage.

    So, given my current situation, would like to know if there are enough advantages to 2.0 to warrant me updating my gateway and all the associated Mysensor nodes or should I leave well enough alone and enjoy what I have under 1.41? Would like to know any specific advantage an update would incur.

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    Upgrade your MySensors network when you need some of the new features.

    I usually keep away from upgrading working stuff unless it's connected to internet (for security reasons).

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    Is there a list of the features of 2.0 that are not available with 1.41 which would help be to decide when to upgrade to use them?

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    @Dan-S. Here is the change log / added features for 2.0.0

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    @tekka Thanks! Exactly what I needed

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