what is "MY_GATEWAY_CLIENT_MODE" good for?

  • Hey there,

    I had a look around the MySensors files on the search for a way to make my ESP activly send it's data to an IP adress.
    I found the MY_CONTROLLER_IP_ADDRESS feature wich looks promising. If defined, it makes the gateway work in client mode. What exactly does this mean? Can I still connect to it with MySController or other Controller for debugging? Or will it exclusivly send it's messaged to the specified IP and ignore everything else?

  • Admin

    Client mode is a new feature where the gateway connects to the controller (the opposite of the "normal" behaviour where the controller opens the connection to the gateway).

    I don't think many controller supports this option yet though.

  • yeah I will try it in some way. Pimatic controller only supports serial gateway. Maybe I can use ser2net tool to bind incoming tcp traffic to a serial device, where pimatic can read it.
    But will it still be possible to access the gateway with an other controller as standard ethernet gateway?

  • @hek could you please confirm whether I can still connect to a gateway in client mode with normal TCP connection (and have 2 controller connected for debugging)?

  • Admin

    No, you cannot.

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