Where does it all go?

  • Where does it all go. Great site with a huge amount of work, thanks. I decided to go to 2.0 and do a fresh start. My problem is very little in the getting started making a Serial Gateway matches up with the files that gets downloaded for 2.0. There is no libraries folder and so where do those files come from/to. If I was sleeping when all this was explained I'm sorry. Just assume I have nothing and want to start with 2.0.

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    first install the library, the more simple is to use the library manager of Arduino. See link on API & Download page for more information if you have a problem at that step.

    When MySensors library is installed, go to the MySensors GitHub and download the "MySensorsArduinoExamples" project, after download copy the content of the libraries forlder into the libraries folder of your arduino software.

  • Thank you very much. I did all that and the GW seems happy except for the fact Vera doesn't see the gateway. I get this from my vera.
    Vera (MySensors plugin : Choose the Serial Port
    MySensors Plugin[12] : Running Lua Startup

    I remember having to go in a change the baud rate on the USB port in Vera but I haven't been able to find that again.

    I've read where nothing has changed in how the gateway talks to Vera. I was running a Nano as my serial gateway. but I saved it just in case and I'm now using a Uno. Vera firmware rev is 1.7.2043. I've also read you can't use a serial gateway with UI7 but my Nano has run fine for 8 months or so.

    Also is there a writeup of what the Inclusion button does besides return a 1 then 60 sec later a 0. Should this put the Vera in Inclusion Mode?
    I cleared the eeprom of the Uno.


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