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  • I want to get started with my sensors to use with openhab. I already have openhab and mqtt server running on a Vm. I have a couple of raspberry pi B, 1 raspberry pi 3, 5 nano ATmega328P and some nrf24l01 tranceivers and 1nrf24l01+PA+LN Is that enough to get me started?

    I was hoping that I could use my existing raspberry pi to send data from sensors to the mqtt server I already have running. Is my thinking correct ?

  • You will need a gateway connected to your controller (openhab or MQTT) which can be a nano.
    You will need a sensor on a node (can be also a nano or a different arduino board.
    Each node and the gateway needs to have a radio.

    Begin reading from here:

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    @vizonyc Getting started with MySensors and directly going to OpenHab might be a bit too much at the same time. It would be difficult to troubleshoot. But since this is your final goal, I would start out with a very simple setup.

    You can use you existing Pi. You could for instance install mosquitto on it so that you have an MQTT bus.

    The next step would be to make a MySensors MQTT gateway and let that connect to Mosquitto on your Pi.

    Create one simple sensor Node. Just to see if you get sensor readings in Mosquitto.

    If that works, I'd try to see if I get the sensor values in OpenHab.

    Once you have that working, I think I would create a simple actuator. For instance hook up an Led to an Arduino and see if you turn that one on/off from OpenHab to the MySensors Led actuator Node.

    And if that Proof of concept works, you're good to go for creating MySensors Nodes. Concerning your question whether you have enough. It's hard to answer that one. It would depend on what you want to monitor or control.

    Would love to read your progress on this.

  • @vizonyc
    I think I have the setup you like to have.

    Running Openhab with mosquitto on a virtual server.The openhab uses KNX, 1Wire, sonos and MQTT bindings.

    My Z-Wave devices is connected to a Raspberry with the Z-Wave board Razberry that uses MQTT to communicate with openhab.

    Finally the connection to Mysensors is done with the GatewayW5100MQTTClient and is user for example like "Temp Gäststugan" that shows the temperature in the guesthouse.

    I do not have any relays in the mysensors network yet, but I have them in my Z-wave network and communicate thru MQTT to the Razberry

    On top of that Im running Dashing Dashing

    So we have dashing on a tablet inside the door that displays all info and we can interact with all systems(KNX, Z-Wave, 1-Wire, Mysensors) from one place. We have also added things like when the next bus is leaving and so on.

    And it's working great. So if you have any questians please let me now so can we see if I can help you set it up

  • @Martin-Tellblom

    This is exactly what I am looking for i think! Since I have oenhab 1.8 running on my VM (gentoo) and mosquito runnin already. ( right now I use mqtt with kodi to to dim lights to my insteon switch when a movie starts) So I know mqtt is working. Now can I add my nR24L01+PA+LNA to one of my raspberry pi B or pi 3 or do I need another adriuno besides the nanos I already have build the gateway?

    I starting out with motion sensors since I already had them orderd when I started this project. But I guess the mqtt client should be my first step


  • @vizonyc

    You need to build a Network Gateway. follow the guide and it will be easy.

    I used a UNO with a network Shield (Thera are nice shells for that on thingiverse, like the one I built )

    When that is build you use the GatewayW5100MQTTClient sketch. Just edit your mosquitto server in the sketch and upload it to the gateway. Thats it


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