How to use HLK-PM01 (basic AC power questions)

  • I am just recently getting into building some MySensors sensors. I have a little background in electronics, but it's probably just enough knowledge to be dangerous...

    I just bought 5 HLK-PM01s in hopes of using it to power a number of Arduino Pro Mini 5v based sensor nodes. I was hoping that this part was something that could be plugged directly into the wall outlet (US), but I was clearly mistaken. It's a small box that has two AC in pins and +Vo and -Vo DC out pins.

    So my question is, how do I use this?

    Can this be soldered into a PCB board with my other sensor components and fed with a 2 wired plug from the wall? If so, where would I get such a plug? If not, what do I need to physically connect to it so that it is powering the arduino circuit?

    On a related note, are there small wires used to solder to a PCB board when using it as a "permanent" mount for arduino and sensor circuit? I've looked for "jumper wires" but haven't found anything that seems like what I'm thinking. What do people usually use for something like this?

    I've read some of the other threads in this forum discussing the HLK-PM01, but they generally have additional parts in the circuit diagram (varisistors, capacitors, etc.). I'm not sure if those are necessary to power the arduino or if they were specific features for the boards in those particular threads.

    I'd love some guidance on this. Basically I'm looking for an easy way to power a MySensors node with a wall plug that doesn't take up too much space. If I should go a different direction, I'm open to suggestions.

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    @JonnyDev13 there are a lot of considerations when planning a power supply. Security is very important to not risk killing or hurting someone. Power dissipation is important if the power supply will be inside a wall where heat will build up.

    The best resource on the MySensors forum is probably - read this and you will learn a lot.

  • @mfalkvidd, thanks for the response. I will check that thread out more closely. I had seen it, but a lot of that discussion seems to have "assumed knowledge" that is over my head at this time. I think I found that thread through a google search result so I didn't see the "findings of this thread" diagram in the first post.

    So, if I were to put the HLK-OM01 module inside of some kind of project container that is not inside of a wall, would you still recommend using the same circuit diagram as shown at the top of the thread? Or are there things that could be left off in that case? I obvioiusly want to be safe, but I also don't have all those parts and would have to wait to receive them if I had to order them and I want to get moving on some of this.

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    @JonnyDev13 -compare it to a phone charger. A safe phone charger has built in protections as well (atleast original ones). I would get those parts just in case but it will run without them. It also depends on what you are going to power. If you have a high load there is greater risk of heat and failure.

  • @sundberg84, thank you for the input. I will make sure to get the additional parts so that I don't risk any problems happening because of an unprotected converter.