Help parsing a string to grab a value?

  • Is anyone able to help me parse a string using arduino code that is getting returned by a IP based temperature sensor?

    I have a URL that I can call and this is what is returned...


    I need to just grab the 19.3 so I can store it.....

    I appreciate I may not be asking in the best forum based on this not being specifically related to MySensors but any help would be appreciated.....

  • This may help you in the correct direction

    It is a LUA script that I run in Domoticz.

    commandArray = {}
        cmd = otherdevices_svalues["!!nodename!!"]
        local watt, energy, a, b
        _,_,watt, energy, a, b = string.find(cmd, "(.+):(.+):(.+):(.+)")
    return commandArray

  • Mod

    @TommySharp you can use a json library. Example:

    StaticJsonBuffer<200> jsonBuffer;
    JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.parseObject(thetextfromurl);
    float temp          = root["temp"];

  • Thanks for your help guys! I got it resolved....

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