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    This thread contains comments for the article "The Sensor Network" posted on MySensors.org.

  • So if I understand correctly I could just by default enable the repeater on every non-battery powered node I create? The nodes wil only use a repeater if they can't connect to the gateway directly? Are there any downsides to enabling it, besides using more battery? Will the airwaves be full of repeating shouting nodes, like a speech at an Occupy demonstration, and perhaps disrupt wifi?

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    @alowhum I don't know the answer but this thread has an earlier discussion on the same subject.

  • In the example sketch for the RepeaterNode it has this info:

    • It is important that nodes that has enabled repeater mode calls
    • process() frequently. Repeaters should never sleep.

    So, is this for older sketches for versions below 2?
    Do we need to add something more to the example sketch?

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    This is done automatically nowadays. I will update the doc.

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