How to connect sensors to Domoticz

  • Hello guys,

    I need help.
    I know this is very basic stuff but I am very new to IOT and mysensors. I am trying to get started with the serial gateway and Domoticz as my controller.

    I have built the gateway using the NRF24L01+. I just followed the steps shown in the video on the mysensors website. I have also built the DS18B20 temperature sensor from and uploaded the code for it on the Arduino.

    Now I am trying to connect it to Domoticz. I followed the hardware setup instructions on the domoticz manual here: But nothing shows up in the Devices tab.

    I have the sensor setup on the same Arduino on which I have setup the Gateway. Am I supposed to use two different Arduino's for Gateway and the sensor? What steps should I follow to connect it to the Domoticz. I am using Domoticz because it's a software based controller and I am just starting with the IOT realm, so I want to keep things simple.

    Thank You

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    @palande.vaibhav sounds like you need to setup the serial gateway in Domoticz.
    Go to the hardware tab, it should be self explanatory.

  • @AWI
    I have done that. I input the name, type, serial port and the baud rate information on there and now I can see the device in the hardware tab. What's the next step after that?

    I have different Arduino for gateway and DS18B20 sensor. I have flashed the code: to the Arduino with gateway. Which code should I flash on to the Arduino with the temperature sensor DS18B20? How do the two Arduino's talk to each other? and what is the next step in getting the Domoticz connected to the gateway?

    Thank You

  • Mod describes how the communication works. Start by reading that, and ask if anything is unclear 🙂