Force re-routing

  • Hi, I have built a sensor to keep track of the power meter of my house. I have sporadic loss of communication which I think is due to poor reception (the power meter is located outside). On the desk the sensor works for days.

    I have tried adding a repeater node without success so far, but this could be due to the sensor initially getting contact directly with the GW (I need to disassemble the sensor to access the reset button) and later losing contact for some reason.

    When I look at the source code I get the impression that 10 seconds needs to pass before the mysensors library attempts to find another route to the GW, and do I understand things correctly if I say that could take quite a while on a node that sleeps most of the time?

    If so, is there a way to poke the library and find out the connection status and also initiate a re-routing?

  • In version 1.5.1 the node need 6 failures in a row to start looking for new way to GW.

    You can hold your hands around the node to make the signal weak.

    Maybe power off GW and wait 6 sends to make the node to look for new way then when you see LED flashing in repeater you can power on the GW again.

  • Force the right parent...

  • Thank you both for your advice. I ended setting a fixed ID for the repeater node and forcing that as parent ID in the sensor. So far it has been working for 6 hours without any hiccup so things looks promising! 👍