Loxone binding?

  • Hi there,
    I just started with an arduino rs485 network and chose the Loxone Miniserver air controller which is really nice except it's Windows dependent config software.
    Since I am already in the topic I was wondering if someone had a similar approach. I would love to connect the rs485 gateway to the mini server by udp or TCP/IP.
    Any ideas? Any experience?
    Thank you very much,


  • hi kduino,
    you could use Loxone's virtual inputs (virtual udp inputs) or maybe you could work with the Loxone RS485 extension. However, i am not familiar with Arduino so i don't know if it works.

  • How about MQTT?

  • Hi Florian,
    These inputs I would love to use.
    Therefore I need a gateway which transforms my rs485 network to an udp message. I solved this by the Icsc lib and an arduino uno with an Ethernet shield. However, it would be much more fun to use the mySensors code which is much better and has more opportunities 🙂
    The only thing I am wondering is after reading up and down: how to set the gateway to rs485 and (!) udp?
    I found an example for udp and one for rs485 but not the combination. I think the rs485 network hands over serial messages via usb?
    Would be nice to see a starting point, do you have an idea?
    Thank you so much!


  • That would be awesome !!!

  • @kduino A quite old threat though, but I've just released V 0.1.0 of node-red-contrib-loxone. This could enable you to use node-red for the interoperability with the Loxone Miniserver.


  • Hi pmeyer,
    The node-red stuff seems to be the key for a lot of difficulties in the IofT. There are so many platforms, so many protocols...
    As I have a pi around this would be a clever solution. Although a raspi is way too much for this task.
    I will try to check it out on the week ends.
    A simple rs485 to udp or tcp converter on base of the arduino mega would be nicer though.
    Thank you very much!!

    Best regards

  • By the way I have done this with the icsc lib from majenko, if anyone is interested. The rs485 input is directly sent via udp and v v.
    Additionally I extended the icsc with an ack funtionality to keep track on lost messages on the bus. It runs currently with 57600 baud.

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