Amazing progress...

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    I have been away/ ill for only a few months and slowly returning to the forum... I almost feel like a stranger ;-)

    and so much progress:

    • missed a great gathering in the Netherlands :-(
    • recreated web site! (I have to find my way again) :ok_hand: @hek
    • a whole new core (nothing but progress, and some learning to do) :two_hearts: @tekka & core team
    • unbelievable community support. (:thumbsup: @mfalkvidd, @sundberg84 and many (new) others)
    • mysensors workshops (:clap: @TheoL )
    • etc.

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    I was just thinking the other day I haven't seen you writing for a while.
    I hope you are making positive progress and nice to see you are back! :)

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